The Most Exclusive Neighborhoods in Virginia Beach for Luxury Living

Craig Snyder Team January 16, 2024

For those considering moving to Virginia Beach, it’s best to first familiarize yourself with the coastal city’s beautiful neighborhoods. In this guide, the Craig Snyder Team unveils the most exclusive neighborhoods in Virginia Beach that redefine waterfront elegance and offer an unparalleled standard of luxury living.

1. Bay Colony: Coastal Grandeur Redefined

Nestled along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, Bay Colony stands as a testament to coastal grandeur. This exclusive neighborhood boasts expansive waterfront estates with private docks, providing residents with direct access to the bay. The Craig Snyder Team recommends Bay Colony for those seeking a tranquil retreat with panoramic views, all within a gated community that exudes sophistication.

2. Alanton: Waterfront Bliss and Timeless Beauty

Alanton, with its timeless charm and waterfront bliss, is a coveted enclave for luxury living. This neighborhood features a mix of architectural styles, from classic estates to modern mansions, all set against the backdrop of the Linkhorn Bay. Residents love life in Alanton for its serene ambiance, proximity to elite schools, and the allure of waterfront living.

3. Birdneck Point: Secluded Luxury with Urban Convenience

Located between the Atlantic Ocean and Linkhorn Bay, Birdneck Point offers secluded luxury with the convenience of urban amenities. This exclusive neighborhood features lavish waterfront properties and provides residents with a sense of escape while remaining close to the vibrant heart of Virginia Beach. Birdneck Point is the ideal choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of tranquility and accessibility.

4. The North End: Coastal Sophistication and Pristine Beaches

For those who appreciate coastal sophistication and beautiful beaches, the North End stands out as an exclusive retreat. This neighborhood, right on the Atlantic Ocean, features luxurious beachfront properties and an elegant ambiance. Residents choose The North End for its proximity to the vibrant Boardwalk and the cultural offerings of Virginia Beach.

5. Great Neck Point: Equestrian Estates and Waterfront Splendor

Great Neck Point, known for its equestrian estates and waterfront splendor, epitomizes luxury living in Virginia Beach. The neighborhood offers a mix of grand residences, many with private docks, providing direct access to the Lynnhaven River. The Craig Snyder Team recommends Great Neck Point for those seeking an exquisite blend of horse country charm and waterfront opulence.

6. Princess Anne Hills: Coastal Chic and Architectural Excellence

Princess Anne Hills, with its coastal chic vibe and architectural excellence, is a sought-after neighborhood for luxury living. This enclave boasts custom-built homes, many with commanding views of the Lynnhaven River. Many appreciate Princess Anne Hills for its proximity to the prestigious Princess Anne Country Club and its reputation for refined elegance.

7. Croatan: Seaside Splendor and Exclusive Privacy

Seaside splendor and exclusive privacy define Croatan, an upscale neighborhood that offers a secluded escape along the oceanfront. With sprawling estates and direct access to the beach, Croatan is a haven for those seeking a private retreat with the allure of coastal living. Croatan is preferred for its exclusive ambiance and proximity to the vibrant amenities of Virginia Beach.

8. Cavalier Residences: Historic Elegance and Modern Luxury

Steeped in history and exuding modern luxury, the Cavalier Residences are an exclusive residential community within the iconic Cavalier Hotel complex. These meticulously crafted homes offer a blend of historic elegance and contemporary sophistication. The Cavalier Residences are great for those seeking a unique combination of rich heritage and upscale living.

9. Sandbridge Beach: Coastal Bliss and Natural Beauty

For those desiring coastal bliss and natural beauty, Sandbridge Beach is a premier destination. This exclusive area, located south of the main resort area, offers luxury beachfront homes with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Sandbridge Beach is loved for its serene ambiance, expansive shorelines, and retreat-like atmosphere.

10. Linkhorn Shores: Waterfront Estates and Prestigious Living

Linkhorn Shores, characterized by its waterfront estates and prestigious living, is a jewel in the crown of Virginia Beach's luxury neighborhoods. With its deep-water access and proximity to the Linkhorn Bay, this enclave appeals to those seeking a lavish lifestyle on the water. Linkhorn Shores is known for its upscale residences and exclusive waterfront living.

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Virginia Beach's most exclusive neighborhoods offer a blend of coastal elegance, architectural grandeur, and a lifestyle defined by the finer things. From the serene retreat of Bay Colony to the prestigious living in Linkhorn Shores, each neighborhood tells a unique story of luxury living in Virginia Beach.

The Craig Snyder Team stands ready to guide buyers through the journey of acquiring a residence in these exclusive enclaves. As the premier real estate experts in Virginia Beach, the team ensures that each client's vision of luxury living is not just met but exceeded in the coastal haven that is Virginia Beach. Reach out to the Craig Snyder Team when you’re ready to start exploring neighborhoods as you search for your dream home in Virginia Beach

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